What is our target?

We develop next generation payroll software. Payroll management should be easy and efficient. Nobody should spend their time with cumbersome user interfaces and inefficient processes!

In 2014, we launched Palkkaus.fi which could be used to pay salaries with just one online payment. The service grew, and we launched a new software for SMEs early 2016. This lead us to develop Salaxy, a salary payment platform.

Salaxy is built purely on open application interfaces (API) using modern SW technologies. It is a future-proof platform; our software adapts to new requirements and integrations without big investments.

Our software is used by more than 20 000 SMEs. Dozens of accounting firms are using our software to provide payroll services to their customers. Our platform and APIs provide payroll technology and services for plethora of 3rd party financial management services, such as Accountor Group, Talenom and Holvi. Open APIs make it easy to integrate payroll services into any software or internet service.

Jukka Kiiskinen kuva Palkkaus.fi
Jukka Kiiskinen / CEO
Olli Perttilä kuva Palkkaus.fi
Olli Perttilä / CTO
Janne Isosävi kuva Palkkaus.fi
Janne Isosävi / CMO
Sanna Pohjola kuva Palkkaus.fi
Sanna Pohjola
Janne-Pekka Niemi
Matti Järventausta kuva Palkkaus.fi
Matti Järventausta
Jarkko Lähderanta kuva Palkkaus.fi
Jarkko Lähderanta
Ville Himanen
Ville Himanen
Marjo Linnakangas