Payroll management often requires manual tasks and customer processes vary. removes manual tasks and makes the process more automatic and efficient.

Customers and employees may effortlessly manage payroll data via dedicated user interfaces. Customers may send payroll data, inspect reports or modify employee details. Payrol manager can automate salaries that minimizes manual work and errors.

Customers are happy! That mean less churn and it is easier to acquire new customers. Payroll teams spend less time on manual tasks. This means better profitability and scalability.

Efficient for Payroll Managers and Customers

“For us, works perfectly!
All the salary data and communication are handled in one, integrated system.”

Johanna Pohjapelto, Tilitoimisto Mint Oy

CEO and Business Owner

”Very cost-efficient payroll for SMEs! We have integrated into our Talenom Online service.”

Otto-Pekka Huhtala, Talenom Oyj


Get Started!

Setting up is faster and easier than with other software. There is no need for long implementation projects.

He help and guide during the whole setup. We train your payroll managers and help to move your customers to Customer portal is branded to match your visual style and brand.

Excellent software usability means less need for training. Payroll portal is designed for employees and entrepreneus, there is no need for training in basic tasks. Setup does not take valuable time of your customers and payroll managers.

Loved by Accounting Firms

”The best user experience for customers and smooth workflow for payroll managers.”

Aarto Hirvi, Pentti Mäkinen Oy

CEO and Business Owner

”Our customers don´t have to contact payroll managers because salaries and the employee data are handled smoothly in the payroll portal.”

Valtteri Virtanen, Lemon Tree

CEO and Business Owner

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