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In this interview, Oskar Frankenhaeuser, product manager at Holvi, tells us about how Holvi integrated Salaxy salary payment service into their digital business account service.

Holvi combines everything a modern entrepreneur needs in one digital business account. The useful built-in business apps like paperless bookkeeping reports, invoicing and integrated payroll will help you to focus on your core competences again. Payroll is implemented using Salaxy open APIs and services.

Why did you choose Salaxy?

Holvi and Salaxy are sharing the same target of helping small entrepreneurs in running their business. At the same time we found that there is a clear demand for a payroll service for our customer base and Salaxy offers a clean set of API’s to integrate a solution against so we can keep the user flow within our own service. It gives us great control of how you use the service but at the same time we do not need to cover all the expertise of how you pay salaries, reports and regulations around this. Instead we get a partner that ensures that all that is needed is covered as a single solution.

What technologies are you using and how Salaxy APIs fit in?

As we are running our own web and mobile apps consuming our own API’s it fits quite well into to the stack to extend the feature stack by adding another service through clean API’s. We can keep the user interactions seamless and still utilise an external service without any need to log in to another system. Running this along the current tech stack is no problem and scales our services pretty well.

Without Salaxy, we would still just be planning to offer a payroll service!

Did it take long to implement payroll with Salaxy?

The implementation in itself was quite straightforward and we got quite quickly into a piloting phase of the service to sort out the final details. The project was done as a collaboration and the user flows of the actual payroll service was well known for the Salaxy project team. Integrating the service as a standalone app that is part of our offering makes perfect sense for adding another business tool to our offering.

How did you find it to work with the team during the project?

The project ran smooth and we managed to run the whole project with a very lean approach so not much project management was needed. The documentation and process work done before starting the implementation helped a lot and then also once we were in the development phase reacting quickly to smaller issues kept the project rolling.

What do you like most on Salaxy?

The fact that you can even try how it would be as an entrepreneur to hire your first employee and how much the actual salary will cost you. Of course the fact that you can see that all related costs are taken care of is great and transparent. I am of the type that I like to try things myself, so this type of self service is really spot on.


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