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We will give a sneak preview Nordea Siirto app with salary payment at Slush 2017. For the first time ever, households can pay salaries directly from mobile. Net salary is transferred in real time!

Salary Payment with Siirto App

Salary payment is integrated into Nordea Siirto mobile app. Nordea customers can pay household salaries directly on their mobile. All the legal requirements are handled automatically and household deduction is reported to tax administration. Paying legal salary for household work has never been this easy!

Nordea Siirto mobiilisovellus käyttöliittymä

You only need to know the phone number of your employee and net salary is transferred in real time to employee’s bank account. App uses Siirto technology and real-time salary payment works for Nordea, OP and S-Bank customers in Finland. This is the first mobile real-time salary payment ever.

  1. Open Siirto app
  2. Calculate the salary, pay with one click, and employee gets the net salary!
  3. All the legal payments and reporting is automatically done
  4. Household deduction is reported to tax administration

Come to Nordea Slush stand and test it yourself! 

Service will open Jan 2018 on Siirto App, stay tuned!

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